Aqualyx & Lemon Bottle Injection Training

Aqualyx & Lemon Bottle Injection Course: £450

Course Length: 1 Full Day

Welcome to Vanite Clinic’s Aqualyx & Lemon Bottle training programme, where we offer comprehensive education and practical training in two advanced aesthetic treatments. Our course is designed for healthcare professionals and beauticians who want to expand their skillset and offer cutting-edge treatments to their clients. Led by experienced instructors, our training combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice to ensure participants gain confidence and proficiency in performing Aqualyx injections and Lemon Bottle fat reduction procedures.

Throughout the programme, attendees will learn:

  • The principles and protocols of Aqualyx injections for fat dissolution
  • Techniques for administering Aqualyx injections safely and effectively
  • The application of Lemon Bottle technology for non-surgical fat reduction
  • Patient assessment and treatment planning for optimal results

Join us at Vanite Clinic to elevate your expertise in body contouring and provide your clients with innovative solutions for their aesthetic goals.


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