Foundation Injectables Training

Foundation Injectables Training Course: £900

Welcome to Vanite Clinic’s Foundation Injectables course, your comprehensive training solution for mastering essential skills in the field of aesthetics. Designed for healthcare professionals and beauticians aspiring to excel in aesthetic medicine, our CPD-accredited program offers a complete curriculum covering foundational injectable techniques.

Led by experienced practitioners in our state-of-the-art facility, this course provides participants with the knowledge and hands-on training needed to perform safe and effective procedures.

Course Length: 2 Full Days


Training Overview:

Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) Level 3 & 4:

Gain a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology to ensure safe and precise injectable procedures.

Foundation Botox (£450):

Learn the fundamentals of Botox administration, including injection techniques, dosage calculations, and patient assessment.

Foundation Filler (£450):

Master the art of dermal filler injections, focusing on facial anatomy, product selection, and injection methods to achieve natural-looking results.

Vitamin Injections (IM) (£300):

Explore the benefits and techniques of intramuscular vitamin injections, offering clients personalized wellness solutions.

First Aid for Anaphylaxis & CPR (£100):

Acquire essential lifesaving skills to confidently handle medical emergencies during aesthetic procedures.

Complications Management (£100):

Develop strategies to identify, prevent, and manage potential complications associated with injectable treatments.

Safety in Medicine (£100):

Understand the importance of patient safety, infection control, and legal considerations in the practice of aesthetic medicine.

Participants have the option to purchase individual courses or the entire Full Package Programme for £900, providing exceptional value and flexibility to suit their training needs. From anatomy and physiology to advanced Botox and filler applications, our Foundation Injectables course equips you with the expertise to thrive in the aesthetics industry.

Join us at Vanite Clinic and take the first step towards becoming a leader in aesthetic medicine.


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