Vitamin IM Injection Training

Vitamin IM Injection Training Course: £300

Course Length: Half Day

Welcome to Vanite Clinic’s Vitamins IM Injections training programme, designed to equip healthcare professionals and beauticians with the expertise to administer intramuscular injections safely and effectively. Our comprehensive course focuses on the administration of vitamin injections to promote overall health, vitality, and wellness. Led by experienced trainers, our programme combines theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on sessions to ensure participants develop the necessary skills and confidence.

Throughout the training, attendees will learn:

  • The benefits and indications of different vitamin injections, including vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin C
  • Injection techniques for intramuscular administration, ensuring proper needle insertion and injection site selection
  • Proper preparation and handling of injectable vitamins, including dosage calculation and medication safety protocols
  • Patient assessment and consultation for personalized treatment plans
  • Monitoring and management of potential side effects and adverse reactions
  • Legal and ethical considerations surrounding the administration of injectable vitamins

Join us at Vanite Clinic to expand your practice and offer your clients the benefits of vitamin injections for enhanced health and wellness.


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